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Running Clubs In Orlando

Running is one of those activities that brings together men and women of all ages and backgrounds to bond together as their feat pound the pavement on a regular basis. Running is a religion for many. Some prefer the loneliness that running offers to individuals needing an escape from the responsibilities of life. For others, running in a group offers a unique comradery and helpful accountability. Running clubs in Orlando offer individuals a chance for regular running in a community or a pack of runners.

Running Clubs in Orlando

Why Run In A Group?

For most, running in a group provides motivation, encouragement and accountability. Distance running presents equal mental challenges as it does physical challenges; as such, having a group keep you accountable can help you fight the mental fight. Whether it means getting you out of bed before the sun comes up to get in a few miles or merely pushing you on while you’re exhausted in the middle of a long run, the group dynamic is beneficial for many runners.

Running Clubs In Orlando

  • The Orlando Runners Club has been around since 1976 and includes original members such as the owner of local running shop Track Shack. For almost 30 years, the club has been running an 11 mile route in the Winter Park community of Orlando every Sunday morning. The club’s website claims that one of the main goals of the club is to provide training partners, and the relationships have gone even further than that. Some relationships formed in the club have turned into marriages! The club meets at 7:00am at the corner of Park Ave and Welbourne in Winter Park each Sunday morning. Sunday morning runs typically range between 5 and 11 miles. Learn more at
  • Orlando Runners is a group formed on that plans frequent local runs for anyone interested in Orlando. The group was founded in 2008 and has been going strong since. The Meetup group features over 1,000 members. Learn more at
  • Orlando Running Club for Women is a weekly group running club for women in Orlando. The group meets every Saturday morning at various locations (check the schedule on their website) for groups runs typically ranging in 4 to 6 miles. They request individuals to RSVP to limit each group run size to 35 participants. The club emphasizes a buddy system which pairs runners within the group to stimulate encouragement and keep all runners safe. Learn more at
  • Lake Nona Run Club is an Orlando running club specific to the Lake Nona area. They offer early morning and night runs for groups looking for a run in the Lake Nona area. Learn more at

Running is a fantastic activity for staying healthy both physical and mentally. Many casual runners find it difficult maintaining a regular running schedule. Dedicated runners typically encourage runners to find a local group or club to run with. The community led encouragement, motivation and accountability do wonders for runners looking to stay on schedule and potentially train for a long run such as a half marathon or full marathon. It’s no surprise that the community aspect of club running has moved into other fitness areas such as CrossFit.

Check out the running clubs noted above, and if we’re missing any notable running clubs in Orlando, add them to the comments section.

For more information on all things running and Orlando running events, check out Track Shack.

Red Chair Affair at Bob Carr on August 24

bcarrA recent study speculated that individuals who spend on cultural and food pursuits as opposed to material items are generally happier. I don’t discriminate, but with that thought in mind it would be a proper move to mention some fun art and cultural events occurring in the coming months.

One such even is the 9th Annual Red Chair Affair occurring August 24th at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. If you have ever attended a food and wine event sampling local restaurants, this is essentially the same concept but with the arts. The event is hosted by the Red Chair Project, a fantastic website dedicated to growing the art and cultural community in the greater Orlando area.

The even will begin on Saturday the 24th at 7 pm with a pre-show lobby. There will be exhibits showcasing some of Orlando’s most interesting cultural haunts including that Art and History Museums in Maitland, the Orlando Science Center, and SAK Comedy Club. The actual show begins at 8 pm and will feature short performances sampling the new seasons of some of Orlando’s most impressive stages. The Enzian Theatre, the Garden Theatre, Orlando Aerial Arts, Orlando Ballet, Orlando Repertory Theatre, Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, Orlando Philharmonic, and Orlando Gay Chorus are just some of the included locations that are represented.

General Admission is $22.00 per person and you can buy your tickets online. Senior and students are $15.00. There is also a VIP ticket option that costs individually $225 or a 10 ticket package which is $2500. The Red Carpet VIP experience includes the opportunity to mingle with the artists and performers, complimentary food and beverage before and after the performance, complementary beer and wine, complimentary valet parking (very complimentary this red chair bunch!), special reserves seating, and the VIP package of 10 tickets includes a ¼ page ad in the Red Chair Affair Program.

Not being particularly very or important, I’ll wipe of my ID and join the spectacle at the student or general rate. Despite not having all those fun additions this show should still prove to be an experience not to be missed. It will be the perfect opportunity to view what the 2013-2014 arts season has in store for Orlando, and a better way to judge what full performances to spend your funds on making you considerably happier than if you purchase those Cole Haan shoes. Except the Cole Haan shoes would look fantastic as I sit in a fancy performance of the Orlando Philharmonic so I will probably just invest in those as well. I’ll see you there!

Maile School Fashion Summer Camp at Mall at Millenia

I used to dislike children. I still occasionally feel as if the sly smiles befalling their innocent faces hide a plan to take over the world. However, ever since I started living full time with my sister and my brilliant niece, I have found a new appreciation for how fun kids can be. I love coming home from work to my niece’s screams of “Stephanie!” That and the feeling of her tiny body barreling into mine in a hug makes my afternoons. We play games, practice her letters and numbers, and munch on ice while watching classic Disney films. She’s also my Goddaughter; the titles of aunt and Godmother plus the general overwhelming sense of affection I have for her will often consume me, and the only way to properly release that energy is to buy her lots and lots of stuff. Toys, games, and stuffed animals; nothing is ever too much for her.

My particular favorite item to gift my niece is, unsurprisingly, given my penchant for excessive shopping, is clothes and shoes! I squeal over adorable vintage patterned dresses, drool over cozy cardigans, and swoon over polka dot Mary Janes. Having never been in close contact with a child before this, imagine my surprise when those absolutely adorable cherry sandals I purchased for her a month ago no longer fit. I started feeling anxiety over the sheer amount of clothing she would go through over the passing years. I couldn’t help but think of all the parents that are at this moment concerning themselves with finding acceptable ensembles for their own school age children to dawn on those first days of classes in the coming weeks. With the sheer volume of available clothing choices, where on earth does a parent start?

Mall at Millenia has found a way to answer that question. In the month of July, just a few short weeks before the new school year begins, they have created a special Fashion camp and show to lend a little inspiration to the old adage, “What will I wear today?” Except this time it’s kid-sized. The solution is the mam2Maile School Fashion Summer Camp.

The Maile School Fashion Summer Camp runs from July 15 to July 25. Mail Image, Modeling, and Acting school professionals will teach children ages 6-11 runway modeling, proper forms of social communication in public speaking and interview techniques, and even take headshots that undoubtedly will make your cute kids even cuter. All the kids involved in the Summer camp will then be featured in the Back to School Fashion Show on August 3 from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Grand Court. The event will showcase styles from many of Mall at Millenia’s most fabulous stores modeled by kids like yours.

Check at Mall at Millenia’s webpage for information on how to sign up your son or daughter for the Summer Camp. If you’re not interested grab your kiddies on the 3rd. If you like what you say you can take advantage of the sales tax holiday occurring from August 2-4. Any clothing purchase totaling less than $75 on this weekend in all of Florida will not be subject to that counties sales tax. It’s as if the Mall at Millenia knew this! Shopping for your kids need not be a stressful event if you know what you are looking for. Check out the Back to School Fashion Show and let them choose the outfits for you.

July 4th Orlando Events


Fewer holidays elicit the outpouring of patriotic emotion and the expression of outdoor fun and activity like Independence Day. Finding events to celebrate this All-American holiday is a priority for many Americans and Orlando residents.

Central Florida has been enveloped in humidity, and endless sunny (apart from the daily afternoon showers) days with boundless promise. Summer is here, and the quintessential dog days celebration, Independence Day, is just around the corner!

Looking for July 4th Orlando events? My plans rarely stray from lounging in my kitchen smashing avocados with my mother and sister while my dad grills burgers and hot dogs over flushed, sizzling coals. If I do anything on the 4th of July, it will probably be the City of Winter Park Olde Fashioned 4th of July Celebration. A few highlights: it takes place in Central Park in Downtown Winter Park, includes FREE hot dogs, watermelon, and water, live patriotic music by the Bach Festival Brass Band and Choir, horse drawn wagon rides, children’s activities, and FREE admission to the Morse Museum of American Art. It’s open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

However, many people seek a little more excitement from their 4th of July celebration; by excitement I mean colorful, explosive blasts of American patriotism in the heavens, commonly referred to as “fireworks.” Such being the case, I have rummaged across the city looking at window postings and flipping leaflets searching for the best 4th of July celebrations in the area. When that failed miserably I just went to each city’s website and scrolled through their event page. The resulting list is my effort to quickly consolidate some of the selections for your Thursday celebrations.

Firework Fun – Here is a list of some of the fireworks shows occurring on the 4th in the greater Orlando area.

Fireworks at the Fountain-Free, around Lake Eola, festivities start at 4.

Leesburg 4th of July Celebration-Free, at the Venetian Gardens, starts at 6.

Fireworks at Avalon Park-Free, at Avalon Park, starts at 5. ***Be sure to check out the Apple Pie-Bake Off!

All theme parks in the area will have special fireworks shows. Disney will also have special events in every park. Legoland will have the added feature of providing all attendee’s with 3-D glasses for viewing the fireworks with a special effect.

Celebration of Freedom in Winter Springs: Free, at Central Winds Park, fireworks over Lake Jesup.

Fourth of July Celebration in Sanford-Free, at the new RiverWalk downtown, fireworks over Lake Munroe.

Independence Day Celebration in Oviedo: Free, at the Oviedo Mall, starts at 4.

Mount Dora 4th of July Celebration: Free, at Gilbert Park.

All of these events are kid friendly. If you’re looking for something a little less child happy, consider stopping by Howl at the Moon Piano bar or Wall Street Plaza on the 3rd for Red, White, and Brew. There will plenty of drink specials to toast national values and attenuate your reserve towards singing along to America the Beautiful with your fellow patriots.

Have a safe, fun 4th of July and enjoy the day off from work despite the sweltering heat these past few weeks. These holidays are few and far between and certainly deserve you partaking in the most fun conceivable. And of course, Happy Independence Day!

Art on Tap Event in Winter Park

I am a total sucker for the whole “locally sourced” bandwagon happening in our community at the moment. Anything made in the USA, from clothes to cookies, goes straight in my shopping cart. Anything made in Florida? I buy it AND post pictures on Instagram about it. Supporting local business is a great way to build our state’s economy, and it is just a nice thing to do for your neighbors. An orange there, a beer here may cost a few cents more initially, but the benefits are far greater in the long run.

With that in mind, I bring you an event happening this weekend that not only supports a local business, but it also supports ANOTHER local business, local musicians, and local artists! And it provides you with unlimited food and beer! Please sit back down… you have plenty of time to plan.

This Saturday, June 22nd from 1:00 to 8:00 pm locally owned Taps from Scratch will hold their first annual Art on Tap event at 1809 Winter Park Road; 20 local artists will be set up at Taps from Scratch displaying their paintings, jewelry, and other creations. There will also be live music to entertain you as you browse for lovely works to adorn your walls or wrists. The cost is $25 per person. This generous price provides you with entrance to the showroom and unlimited, as in all-you-can-drink, homebrew, and (hold on to your butts) all-you-can-eat George and Sons BBQ. I have never been to George and Sons, but I will never say no to BBQ or beer, especially not endless BBQ and beer. Due to the copious amounts of flowing alcoholic beverages that will be available at this event, it is 21+. So find a babysitter and head on over to Art on Tap for a couple of hours of tasty fun.

What exactly is Taps from Scratch? And what on earth enables them to hold such an absolutely fantastically phenomenal sounding event? Taps from Scratch is a, as I may have mentioned or alluded to quite often thus far, locally owned brewery, and most importantly, keg producer. They provide something everyone wants, but most people struggle to come across. Cheaper beer. How? By creating Pub-Hubs, which for all intents and purposes are fancy kegs. The concept is essentially bulk buying. Everyone knows kegs are a far more affordable option for bringing the life to a party than boxes and boxes of bottled drinks. The problem usually lies in the discomfort of having left over beer go bad, thus cutting into the profit the keg provided. Pub-Hubs, the storage option they provide, holds two to four types of beer (or soda, water, etc) that come out of taps on the side of the contraption. The Pub-Hub, if you own one, keeps beer fresh for up to three months. If you rent one, you can keep it a few days and spread out the flowing spirits.

It’s pretty cool. I have seen Taps from Scratch at many local shows and have always been impressed. Check out their website, or better yet, attend the Art on Tap Event this weekend! On top of the all you can drink and eat, the art, and the music, there will be tours of the facility going on that you should (I certainly will) check out if you are interested in what they do. Whatever your motivation, head on over and let Taps from Scratch provide you with entertainment for your Saturday afternoon.

The Orlando Comic Expo

The weekend is here! Here is your chance to lay back and relax away the trials of your grueling Monday through Friday. A chance to sit on your porch on creaky, paint chipped patio furniture sipping on a brewski while you pat your dog on its head. Relaxing? Boring! There is a world out there that will ALWAYS need saving, and since you most certainly won’t be able to stop Doctor Octopus from tearing down a few buildings you need to go to the Orlando Comic Expo to meet the fantastic, great, amazing, heroes who do!

This is year two for the family-friendly convention dedicated to the drawing art form. In recent years the stories based on comics have become increasingly popular. Thanks to big-budget movies like Iron Man, Batman, and the Avengers, more and more of the population is becoming interested in the medium. Comics are more than just the fodder for movies. The baited breath movies induce can be just as intense as your eyes quickly skim a scene of the villain defenestrating your hero’s love. Will our champion catch her? Will they fall to their death? Will it be cancelled before we find out because not enough people are reading comics? Don’t let that last one happen!

If I haven’t convinced you yet of the inherent merits of comic books, or if they really just aren’t your thing, fret not! There is more to the convention than just picture stories. Come see exhibits on toys, actions figures, video games, anime, star wars, artwork, trading cards, and more. Special note, check out the table of Mark Gil Perez, a fabulous artist who does acrylic paintings and prints of old school video games. If all else fails, cosplay costumes are always very entertaining to spot.

I am most looking forward to the events. Each day will have talks and performances to keep you entertained. Test your knowledge with Nerdy Trivia, work those muscles laughing at an improve comedy bit, or be mesmerized with a magic show. Looking to meet your cosmic mate? Try registering for speed dating (18+) and have quick chats with a variety of fun singles over which Avenger is your favorite! You’ll even have some celebrity sightings with Drake Bell, musician and actor from the hilarious Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon.  I am personally looking forward to Saturdays Poetic Justice, according to the website, “a look into the influence of comics on the world of poetry and prose.” Sure to be an insightful discussion.

There will also be a costume contest and a photo scavenger hunt each day. Remember to sign up for those, and speed dating at the event table in the first few hours.

The convention will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel on Hazeltine National Drive in Orlando. The cost is $10 for adults and free for children under 12. It spans two days, Saturday May 18th from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday May 19th 10 am to 4 pm. I will definitely be there this weekend ready to have some fun. So leave some water for your puppy, save the beer for Monday after work, and come on out to this exciting, once a year event.


2014 Orlando March Madness tickets on sale

Orlando March Madness

One of the biggest sporting events in the world, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, dubbed “March Madness”, is taking place in part at Orlando’s Amway Center on March 20 and 22, 2014.

The 68-team tournament hosts the round of 64 and round of 32 teams at various locations around the country. Orlando will be one of the locations hosting these rounds. 8 teams will square off in Orlando. On March 20th, a ticket will buy you access four games. The winners of these four games will square off across two matchups to take place on March 22nd.

Orlando March Madness tickets should not be difficult tickets to purchase as the teams likely won’t be local fan bases and while the TV product for these rounds of the tournament is exciting and dramatic, fans typically don’t travel in large bunches until the later rounds of the basketball tournament.

If you’re a basketball fan or have been looking for a reason to check out the state of the art Amway Center in Orlando, the 2014 March Madness event might be the opportune time to check it out. Tickets are available for purchase online. You can view this and all the events coming to the Amway Center at

One of the great things about the Amway Center is that the venue itself offers a number of attractions in addition to the actual event taking place. The restaurants, bars and lounges make attending an event at Amway very fun.

March Madness tickets are a great way to enjoy the venue in addition to the basketball games. The tickets get you access to the venue and since multiple games are played, you will have plenty of break time to enjoy the other amenities in the building. The Gentleman’s Jack Terrace is one of my favorite places to hang out and have drinks with friends.

SeaWorld Antartica Coming to Orlando

As the Orlando theme parks continue to invest in new attractions to grab their slice of Central Florida’s tourism market, Orlando residents get the benefit of new fun to be had. One of the major new attractions coming to Orlando is at SeaWorld Adventure Park. The new attraction is called SeaWorld Antartica: Empire of the Penguin. The new attraction opens May 24, 2013 to the public.

If you’re familiar with the SeaWorld park, the new Antartica attraction is taking the place of the old Penguin Encounter exhibit which frankly needed an update. Like most attractions at SeaWorld, the attraction combines a ride experience and a wildlife encounter – a combination that is definitely what SeaWorld is great for.

Don’t think that Antartica is just updating the old Penguin Encounter, however, as this attraction is a completely new experience with some incredible technology.

The attraction will allow guests to ride in cars in a manner which will feel like you’re gliding on ice. You’ll be on a ride within the actual habitat of the penguins. You’ll feel the cool air and be very close to live penguins. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and SeaWorld’s outstanding wildlife encounters will make this an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Theme parks in Orlando are big business, and the “Big Three” of Universal, Disney and SeaWorld has not been shy about reinvesting into the parks in a competitive ‘arms race.’ Universal is expanding the wildly successful Harry Potter attraction and also adding a Transformers exhibit to their Universal Studios park.

SeaWorld is coming off the launch of its Turtle Trek exhibit which isn’t necessarily a blockbuster attraction, but before that, the Manta roller coaster was added to the park. If you haven’t been to SeaWorld in a number of years, you likely would be surprised to see the amount of “active” attractions. There’s much more to this theme park than just Shamu.

Be sure to check out the SeaWorld Antartica attraction this summer at SeaWorld Orlando.

Brews Around The Zoo at the Central Florida Zoo


Looking for something unique to do with friends or family? The 6th annual Brews Around The Zoo event at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is taking place on April 13, 2013. The event is from 6:00PM to 10:00PM.

While enjoying the wildlife at the local zoo may or may not be your thing, it’s tough to beat the combination of wildlife,  craft beers and excellent cuisine to sample all in the Central Florida sunshine.

A variety of craft beers will be available from vendors such as Florida Beer Company, SweetWater Brewing, Victory Brewing Company, Blue Point Brewing and more.

Cuisine will be available from vendors such as Tilted Kilt, Shula’s 347 Grill, The Corner Cafe, Sam’s Club, Tijuana Flats and more.

You can purchase tickets online in advance for $40 or pay $50 the day of at the zoo.