Running Clubs In Orlando

Running is one of those activities that brings together men and women of all ages and backgrounds to bond together as their feat pound the pavement on a regular basis. Running is a religion for many. Some prefer the loneliness that running offers to individuals needing an escape from the responsibilities of life. For others, running in a group offers a unique comradery and helpful accountability. Running clubs in Orlando offer individuals a chance for regular running in a community or a pack of runners.

Running Clubs in Orlando

Why Run In A Group?

For most, running in a group provides motivation, encouragement and accountability. Distance running presents equal mental challenges as it does physical challenges; as such, having a group keep you accountable can help you fight the mental fight. Whether it means getting you out of bed before the sun comes up to get in a few miles or merely pushing you on while you’re exhausted in the middle of a long run, the group dynamic is beneficial for many runners.

Running Clubs In Orlando

  • The Orlando Runners Club has been around since 1976 and includes original members such as the owner of local running shop Track Shack. For almost 30 years, the club has been running an 11 mile route in the Winter Park community of Orlando every Sunday morning. The club’s website claims that one of the main goals of the club is to provide training partners, and the relationships have gone even further than that. Some relationships formed in the club have turned into marriages! The club meets at 7:00am at the corner of Park Ave and Welbourne in Winter Park each Sunday morning. Sunday morning runs typically range between 5 and 11 miles. Learn more at
  • Orlando Runners is a group formed on that plans frequent local runs for anyone interested in Orlando. The group was founded in 2008 and has been going strong since. The Meetup group features over 1,000 members. Learn more at
  • Orlando Running Club for Women is a weekly group running club for women in Orlando. The group meets every Saturday morning at various locations (check the schedule on their website) for groups runs typically ranging in 4 to 6 miles. They request individuals to RSVP to limit each group run size to 35 participants. The club emphasizes a buddy system which pairs runners within the group to stimulate encouragement and keep all runners safe. Learn more at
  • Lake Nona Run Club is an Orlando running club specific to the Lake Nona area. They offer early morning and night runs for groups looking for a run in the Lake Nona area. Learn more at

Running is a fantastic activity for staying healthy both physical and mentally. Many casual runners find it difficult maintaining a regular running schedule. Dedicated runners typically encourage runners to find a local group or club to run with. The community led encouragement, motivation and accountability do wonders for runners looking to stay on schedule and potentially train for a long run such as a half marathon or full marathon. It’s no surprise that the community aspect of club running has moved into other fitness areas such as CrossFit.

Check out the running clubs noted above, and if we’re missing any notable running clubs in Orlando, add them to the comments section.

For more information on all things running and Orlando running events, check out Track Shack.

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